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Turbo Power Plus Liquid Vitamins

Turbo Power Plus Liquid Vitamins

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For the past 20+ years, Biorite Nutritionals LLC located here in the USA, have revolutionized vitamin supplements!

Now being sold to all Jet Setters in the WJST Jet Set Skybound Store!

Do you feel sleepy before and after that long international flight? Fight off that Jet Lag and continue your international travels with Turbo Power Plus!

Every vitamin, antioxidant, mineral, and herbal complex you will ever need to boost your immune system and energy level.

Take a close look at the photos to examine the ingredients yourself, and see why liquid vitamins are far more effective than dry pills!

Just one capful in the morning, and an optional half capful in the afternoon if you really need it, is all you need; to keep going strong everyday.

This is the very same bottle of liquid vitamins your humble announcer Chris Richards also takes everyday for the past 20+ years.

The 2lb 32oz. bottle lasts approximately 30 days, if you only take one capful in the morning or at noontime.

Turbo Power Plus Liquid Vitamins has a very tasty Berry Blast flavor with no sugar, and just a hint of caffeine; you might find in your favorite cup of coffee. 

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